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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Biomedical Equipment Maintenance

•    Emergency Call out 24/7 for faults and repair of your biomedical equipment
•    Planned Preventive Maintenance of your biomedical equipment
•    Procurement of biomedical with installation
•    Procurement of spare parts
•    Calibration of equipment
•    Staff Training on use of equipment
•    Inventory Management
•    Maintenance Records
•    Equipment condition surveys
Biomedical equipment definition is: Any item that is attached to or used on a patient.
It is very important that this equipment is properly maintained. It is a primary requirement of patient safety.  TAG offers this service using their biomedical technicians who are well trained and know how to handle each particular piece of equipment.
TAG has, or can obtain, the correct maintenance manuals for your equipment. Maintenance procedures are based entirely on these written procedures as recommended by the individual manufacturers. This is the standard in Europe and the USA.
TAG can carry out any calibration that may be required on your equipment. This should be done at periodic intervals depending on the equipment.
TAG will keep a complete maintenance record for each item of your equipment inventory. This is also the standard required when maintaining biomedical equipment.
Let TAG come into your hospital and give you a report on the condition of your biomedical equipment. We can carry out a complete inventory for you and report accordingly.
TAG can obtain any spare parts required inside Afghanistan or from Europe or the USA.
TAG will assist you to stay ahead of any statutory, legal or government requirements or regulations with regard to biomedical equipment. 
We offer a breakdown service for any equipment.
If you need a professional biomedical equipment maintenance service: Call 0781544909 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Let TAG be your advisor and maintainer and stay up to date and in control of this vital service within your hospital. Let us help you with your patient safety concerns.
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